Testimonials from around the world.

I Love My Cozee! I received the Cozee as a present a few months ago and I love it! I keep it by my sofa for the cold evenings and it doubles up nicely as a heat pad for aches and pains. It is very convenient (no messing around with hot water or putting wheat bags and water into a microwave). It heats up quickly and stays hot for many hours once heated up. I wouldn’t be without it.
Sarah Krazz, Chelmsford.

It is a complete life saver for my mum who relies on it totally. I can’t recommend your product highly enough! I am eternally grateful as she has bad circulation problems and while in hospital she was able to use it surreptitiously as they are so stupid as they think it is like an ordinary hottie. She is now in an old peoples home and finds it so handy with her arthritis to plug in instead of fiddling with hot water bottle tops and boiling water.
Mrs S. Marks, Wellington.

I love my Cozee Electric Hot Water Bottle. It is quick and easy to heat up and stays warm for hours. I also bought the lamb’s cover and it makes all the difference as it stays warm all night. Just the right size and perfect for use with aches and pains too. I have put all my conventional hot water bottles away now, this is so much easier.
Mrs Sally S, Southend on Sea.

I love my Cozee hot water bottle, especially when I travelled around the Scottish Islands. Everyone needs one they are the business!
Ms. H. Goodyear, Jersey.

My Cozee is a safe replacement for the hot water bottle and so much more than the wheat bag, because it is temperature controlled and lasts for hours between charges. I now have easy access to heated pain relief. .”
Mrs Julie B, Canvey Island, Essex.

Cozee hot water bottle is a fantastic product that I use for comfort and pain relief. All I do now is just use a plug and socket and my Cozee heats to the right temperature where it keeps my bed warm for hours. Just what all students need to keep them warm at night.
Ms. K. Hair, Student, Glasgow.

My name is Glenn Williams and I am an Osteopath and I am also a key provider for the New Zealand Academy of Sport, and was a provider for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I would like to introduce to you a new product that I have found to be excellent. It is called “Cozee” and it is a new generation of electric hot water bottle, which I have been recommending from my practice.
Glenn Williams, Osteopath

Have just bought a electric hot water bottle {Cozee} for my lady friend she said was one of the best presents she had received and absolutely loves it.
Mr. D. Quigley, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

When I was in Dunedin recently I was really intrigued to see the electric Hot Water Bottle I have a circulation problem and psoriasis so I cannot use an electric blanket but I definitely need a hottie for my feet and this product addresses both issues. I am so grateful to have this type of hottie & it starts to gradually lose heat after 4-5 hours but is still warm after 7-8 hours so I am busy promoting it in South Western Sydney & have printed all the “Electric Hottie” products on the website which I am handing out when I tell people who are interested in these products. Thank you and I look forward to seeing these products in our stores soon.
Mary E, Carmichael, Campbelltown, NSW, Australia.

I’d just like to say “thank you” for the product – we spend a lot of winter staying in “bare basic” huts – either in forest camps or motor camps and the addition of the electric hottie to my sleeping bag gave me some of the best nights sleeps I have ever had in those conditions.
Mrs V. Cobset, Rotorua.

I really liked this product.  I liked how it was safe and kept its heat for a long time under the blankets.  Lovely to cuddle up with to watch TV.  My sister got sick and so I gave it to her and she also said it was way better than an electric blanket because she could watch TV on the couch with it and it kept her nice and warm.  The portability is fantastic.  Thinking next winter I definitely will get the kids some for curling up on the couch to watch TV on a cold winter’s night.  Economical and cheap to heat in 15 minutes.

Kay moxon