Throw Away that Old Hottie!   For years the traditional  hot water bottle has been considered a safe means of providing warmth and comfort.  The trouble is the traditional hot water bottle is not as safe or effective as you may think.  Severe burns and scalds have resulted from filling them with boiling water, or from splits and leaks.  For diabetes sufferers and anyone suffering from reduced sensation in their hands or feet; burns from traditional hot water bottles are frequent and real.Switch to a Cozee generation 6 electric hot water bottle and stay warm  and comfortable for up to 5 hours!


You’ll Love Cozee:  It has all the benefits of portability, economy and safety without any of the risks.  Just plug it  into a mains plug, heat for 18 minutes and then enjoy up to 5 hours of warmth.   It is the  energy smart hot water bottle that’s safe, portable and stays warm for hours!

Safety Assured:  Your Cozee hot water bottle features a safety shut-off switch and a soft but extremely tough, high quality outer.  It  is tested to International Standards IEC 60335-1:2010 and International Standards IEC 60335-2-17:2012.   There is no need to fill your Cozee with water.  The water is already sealed in and heats to a perfect 70 – 75 degrees C, then switches off automatically and keeps you cosy, wherever you are and whatever you are doing! The energy smart hot water bottle that’s safe, portable and stays warm for hours.

Warranty Protection from Leaks:  Unlike old fashioned rubber and PVC hot water bottles, the generation 6 Cozee is made from a tough, durable, multi-ply system of specially manufactured material that is guaranteed not to leak, rot, perish of split.

Soothes Away Aches and Pains: The problem with wheat bags and conventional ‘hotties’ is they get too hot and then too cold much too fast!  A Cozee electric hot water bottle heats to a safe temperature in minutes and provides up to 5 hours of blissful relief from sports injuries, muscle strains, back pain and menstrual cramps  and provides comfort for arthritis and rheumatism sufferers.

Safe for Children:   The Cozee electric hot water bottle is  a safe and alternative bed warming system for children.  Simply plug it in, warm it up, unplug and pop into the bed for a snug and healthy night’s sleep.  No danger of falling asleep and leaving it on high, no worries of accidents in the night.  Cozee is the ideal comforter for everyone, young and old!